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Possibilities Circle

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You have from this point forward to create beautiful outcomes in every area of your life

Open Up To The Possibilities &

Bring What You Want To Life!

If you're wanting NEW in your life, whether your "new" is broadly defined or specific, consider stepping into the Possibilities Circle.

Over the course of this four-week container, we will be steeped in the vibration of nurturing that which is unseen yet very real. The Possibilities Circle will meet for four virtual sessions and we will connect with each other in a supportive Facebook group between sessions and beyond.

If you're able to participate in the weekly sessions real time, that is strongly encouraged! If that is not possible, the sessions will be recorded and available for a limited time.

Be Pregnant With Possibility

  • You influence what happens in the future - whether you do it on purpose/consciously or unconsciously

  • It's easy to forget, or perhaps you don't realize, how much power you have to create the future

  • What happens tomorrow or next week/month/year is not pre-determined AND the future is NOT out of your hands - by any means!!

  • Gathering in Circle will help bring focus and energy to that which we want in life rather than what we are concerned about, are fearful of, or no longer wish to experience

  • The Circle offers empowering ways to get closer to that which you want - even if you don't know exactly what it is! - without any change in your current circumstances

  • Learn how to continue to embody the energy of conscious creation in all areas of your life and, as a result, experience a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment while being a force for positive change in the world

When pregnant with all three of my children, I had an unparalleled-for-me ability to allow thoughts that were not going to nurture my childrens' health and development to just fall away. Pregnancy somehow put me in hyper-focus mode. The only thing I was ever sure I wanted in this life was to be a mother and to give every ounce of potential energy to being the best mother I could be. I knew the stakes of a child's wellness and happiness were so high that it would be my top priority above all else. 

When pregnant, I could accept what was happening in my life and around me without worry or fear - no matter what it was. I didn't try to understand it or engage in a thought process that would cause internal stress and strife because I didn't want this beautiful, peaceful, all-love/no-fear being to feel the stress and negative emotion. 
Why was I not doing the same for myself?

Why did I not treat myself with the same level of care and nurturance?


Conditioning and thought patterns can be hard to break, but it is possible to do so!

I urge us all to be pregnant with our most authentic, infinitely expansive selves. Live knowing the beyond-beautiful, beyond-perfect being you have inside of you and love it more than you've ever loved anything even though no one else can see it and no one else will ever love you the way you do. Don't let anything diminish your light, your determination, your knowing.


Be peaceful and confident and know that it is only you who can do this. It is up to you in this moment ... and the next ... and the next.

Will you love yourself and your dreams with everything you have?

Will you guard yourself with the pure love of the mother that is in us all?

Let's recognize it is impossible for anyone else to see or understand the future that will emerge from within you. 

It's up to you and only you.

Remember, the future is every moment beyond this one. It's not a far away thing. Start loving yourself and your future now in this way and watch what happens.

Live Circle Sessions

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4


7pm - 8:30pm EDT


7pm - 8:30pm EDT


7pm - 8:30pm EDT


7pm - 8:30pm EDT

Highly Recommended Podcast

Prior to our first session on June 18th, it is highly recommended for Circle participants to listen to Know Thyself Podcast Episode 90 entitled, "Anita Moorjani: Woman in Coma Has Near-Death Spiritual Awakening & Realizes WHY WE ARE HERE"

Leather Headphones


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